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Manage your healthcare information anytime, anywhere

A key area in which to stay active in your health is access to and maintenance of your health information, and for that information to be easily, securely and conveniently shared among all of your caregivers and yourself. When your caregivers - whether primary care, specialists, or even in the emergency room - all have complete and updated information about your health, they're able to make more informed decisions, and ultimately, provide better care for you and your family.

Think about how the way you interact with your bank has changed

In today's world, you wouldn't dream of not having 24/7 access to your accounts with the ability to securely check your balance, transfer funds and pay bills whenever you need to at any ATM or from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Could you imagine if the only way you could manage your accounts was to physically go to the initial bank branch at which you opened your account? Neither could we, and this is the same evolution we're driving in health care.

Watch our recent appearance on The Balancing Act on the Lifetime television network to learn why it’s important and convenient to have access to your healthcare data.

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