Meaningful Use and the Need for EHR Transformation

The IDC Health Insights whitepaper, sponsored by Allscripts Inc., discusses the EHR optimization that is beginning as U.S. providers enter the later stages of EHR adoption and start to examine the met and unmet business needs for EHRs.

This whitepaper examines the issues that providers are currently facing as they seek to optimize the EHR environment, and it presents three case study vignettes of Allscripts customers that have leveraged EHR to both meet meaningful use requirments and further add business value to their organizations.  The key objectives of the whitepaper are to:

  • Discuss the business value of EHR and opportunities for providers to further optimize EHR in the post-meaningful use era
  • Understand the business goals for EHR and where providers have both succeeded and failed in first generation EHR implementations
  • Offer case studies and examples of best practices from healthcare organizations that have successfully gone beyond meaningful use to deliver business value from integrated, connected EHRs