What will it take to be truly connected? Healthcare organizations are taking different approaches to interoperability as they respond to the shift to value-based care.


2016 has been called the year of “merger mania” in health care, as providers scale up through mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships to meet the demands of value-based care.

While such moves have increased the size and negotiating power of these organizations, this trend has significant challenges when it comes to data exchange and management.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • Challenges that healthcare organizations face as they build new collaborative relationships
  • Trends driving merger and acquisition activity
  • Considerations involved with trying to import, integrate and delivery quality clinical data across a variety of clinical systems, without negatively impacting care
  • How diverse providers are forging ahead with interoperability projects
  • Workflows, processes and strategies that help organizations reach true data integration

Additional Resources:

  • Model: Download the Allscripts Interoperability Maturity Model
  • Video: Watch this video to learn how the Allscripts dbMotion Solution can optimize your organization’s connectivity
  • Case Study: Learn how the Allscripts dbMotion Solution helped Rochester Regional Health manage its diabetic population

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