High-quality patient care requires providers throughout the community to communicate and collaborate. They need the ability to see the relevant patient information, develop a solid care plan across the care team, collaborate on the plan’s execution, track outcomes and address gaps in care. Allscripts Care Coordination solutions help clinicians across the entire community drive meaningful collaboration to deliver better patient outcomes while promoting improved clinical, financial and operational efficiencies.
A new vision of care coordination at Holyoke Medical Center

Holyoke Medical Center, a community hospital in Holyoke, Massachusetts, uses Allscripts care coordination solutions to more efficiently transition patients between outpatient, inpatient, post-acute and home settings—tens of thousands of times each year.

Holyoke turned to Allscripts to help redefine its care coordination and care management technologies, breaking down departmental siloes, in turn closing gaps in care.

With Allscripts care coordination solutions, Holyoke achieved:

  • Improved care transition score from 54.4% to 60.4% in six months
  • Increased patient satisfaction from 88.5% to 92.3% in six months
  • Reduced readmission rate from .9 to .8 in six months
  • A top ten ranking within its peer group for discharge planning

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