CareInMotion is a population health management platform that helps providers and organizations lead the change to smarter care with innovative solutions. With it, clinicians can build open, connected communities of health to better understand their populations, translate insightful knowledge into action and manage delivery system reform requirements—across all care settings.
Allscripts approaches comprehensive population health management with four distinct pillars, all critical to succeeding in delivering smarter care across entire communities. The four pillars are:

Data Aggregation and Connectivity
Aggregate and normalize data from disparate source systems into a single, semantically harmonized patient record.  Learn More.

Identify high-risk patients and continuously monitor high-cost, high- priority populations for better disease management at point of care.

Care Coordination
Manage care across teams in real time by putting care plans and interventions into action and coordinating transitions among all care settings.  Learn More.

Patient Engagement
Provide a single point of access to health information so your patients can participate in their own wellness.  Learn More.

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